So, thanks for stopping by. I am ever so pleased that you did. I have been making things forever and generally keeping them to myself but I have decided that that is not much fun for anyone, so here we go. enjoy :)

rainbow bear

A new drawing
Just a little bear made with pen and coloured pencil - well, originally anyway, the horrid scanner wouldn't capture the colour so I had to photoshop it back in. It's pretty close though.

an exhibition...

My first exhibition in England. I will be showing 3 drawings - limited edition giclee prints will be available for sale. Please let me know if you would like any more information!

horses for courses

I have been making monsters - ogres to be specific - no pictures yet but I expect they will be available in my shop as soon as I get it up and running. In the meantime here is a drawing - keep in touch!


Something from my sketchbook - just to get me started.